About Canada Wine Tours

Igal Amsallem is a seasoned certified sommelier and wine & spirits educator who has been working in the Canadian wine industry since more than twenty years. Igal has occupied a large variety of key positions in major wine & spirits companies across Canada and he manages his own wine & spirits consulting company, Ambiance Vins.

Igal has been teaching wine and spirits to wine professionals and for a large public in French and in English and he developed specific educational programs to train sommeliers and other wine professionals.

Born and raised in an international family environment where wine and gastronomy played a major role, Igal is perfectly fluent in four languages and very comfortable with three more. Settling down in Canada, his new home country in the early 2000’s, Igal left his previous carrier as a music copyright lawyer to fully cultivate and share his passion of wine as a sommelier.

For a quarter century, Igal had the opportunity to travel the wine and whisky worlds, acquiring a wealth of knowledge, contacts and experience that he is sharing with enthusiasm and passion.

National whisky brand ambassador for a few years, Igal has run numerous whisky master classes across Canada, whisky tours in Scotland and bourbon tours in Kentucky.

Lately, unexpected personal events made Igal to temporarily come back to France and develop new wine tours activities for a North American clientele of visitors in the region of Provence as a wine tour guide.

Facing a growing interest from an international clientele to explore Canadian wine regions, Igal is proud to offer now guided wine tours in French and in English through Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia under a new banner, Canada Wine Tours.

Igal’s philosophy: the more you learn, the better you appreciate the wine and whisky worlds.


Share the richness of Canada's wine industry.


Show the other face of Canada. A country which produces wine, with different multiples facets, terroirs, grape varieties et savoirs-faire.