Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada Wine Tours?
Canada Wine Tours is wine tour service created, designed and offered by certified sommelier Igal Amsallem, promoted and sold through Trevello Company.
Therefore, all booking must be done through Tevello Tours. It will officially become a wine tour agency by 2024.

Do I need a visa to enter Canada?
It depends of your citizenship, please consult the Canada Immigration & Citizenship’s website by clicking to the following link:

What’s the weather in Canada in September/October ?
In general the weather is warm during the day and can be cool in the evening/night. In Eastern Canada, the Indian Summer lasts until mid to end of October.
In Western Canada, in the coastal regions, it can be humid with repeat rain falls and cloudy but not cold. Temperatures can be cooler in the interior (Okanagan Valley).
It best to bring mid-season clothes, a couple of warm sweaters,  and tee-shirts and a good rain/wind stopper coat.

Does Canada still impose Covid-19 sanitarian rules, like Covid vaccination pass, mandatory face mask?
Canada no longer requires a Covid pass nor wearing a face mask in public places. However, it is recommended to wear a face mask inside the planes during the flights. 

Will we have some free time to go shopping in the different cities we will be visiting?
Yes in most of the cities we will stay, there will be some limited free time to explore the city by yourself or do some shopping.

How many wineries will we visit during this 14 day tour?
We will visit 31 of the finest Canadian wineries through the 3 provinces.

How many bottles are we allowed to take back with us in our luggages?
It depends of the Customs regulations in your country of origin. You may check the website of your Homeland Customs services prior your trip.

Why lunches and dinners are not included in the package?
In order to respect everyone’s taste and food preferrences, lunch and dinner meals are not included. Also some people may have food allergies/intolerances,  we also respect any specific diet.
Most of the restaurants we will have meals are fine dining restaurants and arrangements for special diet can be done ahead of time if we get any special request.